The Sa’am method of acupuncture is an effective system that is used to connect with and adjust the energy of the internal organs, which are responsible for all aspects of health. It can have powerful results for your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Manual Therapy

Drawing from various sources such as Zen Shiatsu, Thai and Swedish massage, and Chinese Tui Na, our hands-on manual therapy approach complements our orthopedic acupuncture techniques while also allowing for calming and relaxation for those who may be nervous about needling.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The power and beauty of classical Chinese herbal medicine lies in its use of combining ingredients to create formulas. The result is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Herbs may be used to support the work done in the clinic yet are also powerful enough to stand on their own.

I believe in the healer as mediator between the human community and the greater ecological matrix. The classics of Chinese medicine provide the framework for how these two fields interrelate. The timelessness of their teachings mean that they can be applied to modern people with modern problems in an effective and safe manner. I use the Sa’am method of acupuncture, a five-element based system from Korea that has been passed on through an oral lineage and is now finding wider use in the United States. I prescribe herbal formulas based on the writing of Zhang Zhongjing, a physician from the 2nd and 3rd centuries whose work was foundational for the next two millennia of Chinese herbal medicine. It is an honor to present these offerings in a clinical setting.

Thank you for letting me serve you.

– Dr. Adam Broder, D.O.M.