My Journey

When I was 21, my father passed away from a heart attack at age 52. He was seeing his doctor regularly since he had a more mild heart attack three years prior, and was doing everything he was told. He never smoked or drank, and he ate well and exercised. Having this tragedy happen left me with a healthy skepticism of the modern medical system. I wanted to avoid a similar fate even though I had inherited my father’s genes. This led to an interest in alternative health practices. Even though I was just beginning a career in corporate insurance that would last ten years, I read much about nutrition, yoga and movement, shamanic practices, philosophy, meditation, and medical traditions around the world and throughout history. Eventually I changed my career to pursue acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I am drawn to this work because it is as effective at removing present discomfort as it is at preventing future health problems. I strive to create an experience of embodiment through the eyes of the natural world, to allow my patients to be who they truly are and to feel the freedom that comes with it.