Valentine’s Day & The Heart Meridian

This month many of us will observe Valentine’s Day, a holiday created to appreciate and celebrate the presence of love in our lives. It’s an important reminder of the powerful force that love is and what it means to us as humans. Ancient Chinese scholar-physicians placed the Heart organ in a central position and recognized not only its capacity for love and affection but also that it is the true source of wisdom. To know something in your heart is to know it with all your being.

In the system of acupuncture that I use most often, the Sa’am method from Korea, treating a particular channel creates change on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When it comes to the Heart, strengthening its channel brings warmth and joy to the system. It can correct for excessive fear and provide an activating energy to any particular function in the body that may need it. It also helps foster excitement, humor, and connection.

I invite you to consider these things on Valentine’s Day, especially if you tend to write it off as just a Hallmark holiday meant to sell roses and chocolate (though roses and chocolate are very nice).