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Modern living creates a disconnect between us and our natural environment. Working to restore that connection can go a long way towards better health and wellbeing. There are many ways to do this and Chinese Medicine is a very effective one. The theories and principles of Chinese Medicine were discovered many centuries ago when people were more in touch with nature and the cycle of the seasons. I strive to offer my patients a service that is based on these ancient teachings in a 21st century context.

Adam Broder received his Bachelor of Science in finance from the University of Illinois in 2001. After some time working in the corporate insurance field he completed an intro-intensive course in western herbalism with Jim McDonald and a 715-hour Shiatsu certification at Zen Shiatsu Chicago, and traveled to Nicaragua with the group Natural Doctors International, all in 2012. The next year he enrolled in the Masters program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (now Pacific College of Health and Science) and in 2016 he transferred to Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM where he received his degree the next year. His studies have continued with Sharon Weizenbaum as part of her White Pine Healing Arts Graduate Mentorship Program; Toby Daly and the Qiological community; and Matt Callison with Sports Medicine Acupuncture.

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