1. Zhi Zi, or gardenia seed, is one of the cooling medicinals used in the formula Long Dan Xie Gan Tang which I discuss in this month’s blog post. It is bitter and cold, a combination that makes its medicinal action more harsh than other herbs, and it is thought to clear heat from anywhere in the body as opposed to some herbs that tend to work in a more focused area. When heat leads to strong signs of irritability, as is common with menopause for example, Zhi Zi is an excellent herb to include in a formula.

2. Waking Up app, created by neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, is an excellent way to begin or deepen a meditation practice. Harris narrates a daily guided meditation which is very useful, and the app includes short, digestible talks from Harris and others on various topics surrounding meditation, mindfulness and presence. The organization and production are polished and inspiring, and it’s clear that those creating the content are passionate about getting their listeners to unlock the full potential of their mind and spirit.   https://www.wakingup.com/

3.  Switchel is a natural and healthy electrolyte tonic that you can make at home very easily. With the weather beginning to slowly warm up, you’ll want to add this to your self care routine to help you stay hydrated during the summer months. You can add berries and fresh herbs such as mint or basil to increase the flavor. Sugar gets a bad rap but its healing properties of gently strengthening the Yang energy (which can get depleted in the heat of the summer) in a way that is nourishing to fluids makes it an essential ingredient in this delicious drink.  https://plantyou.com/switchel-recipe/