Treatment Comes in All Forms

My acupuncture treatments are designed to call on certain energies within the patient that correspond to different facets of the natural world. After all, Chinese

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Sa’am Acupuncture

Since Autumn 2019 I have been learning and practicing a method of acupuncture called Sa’am. It has transformed how I think about Chinese medicine and

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November 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends & Family: It is with great pleasure that I invite you to check out my newly launched website for my Chinese Medicine practice,

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Purpose & Vision

Modern life can create a rift between ourselves and nature, between our true selves and our true nature. The challenging times we live in offer

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My Journey

When I was 21, my father passed away from a heart attack at age 52. He was seeing his doctor regularly since he had a

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Welcome to My Blog

Thank you for making your way to my website and blog. If you’re reading this you probably have an interest in Chinese medicine and what

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